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A CTA Purple Line Express train
Photograph: Ben Schumin via Wikimedia Commons

Uh oh: A Red Line car is infested with bed bugs, according to Reddit

Written by
Grace Perry

PSA to Red Line passengers: take a careful look at your seat on the train before sitting down. Reddit user UeSuRi reports an infestation of either bed bugs or lice on their Monday morning commute (going southbound at about 8:50am).

I know. I’m getting itchy just writing this post.

UeSuRi noticed the bugs while sitting on the train and only lasted a few minutes at work before going home to wash up. At home, the passenger stripped down only to find more bugs under their clothes.

An unidentified doctor at an urgent care clinic confirmed they were bed bugs, though the passenger (and the Reddit community) believes they’re lice. You can take a look at the photos and decide for yourself, if you dare. Also, if you want to read a bunch of strangers arguing about bug identification, this Reddit post is for you.

The original poster went to the CTA to notify them in person yesterday. Twitter users have also reached out to the CTA, who state they are aware of and looking into the matter.

We live in Chicago and not New York to avoid gross nonsense like this! At least we’ve got 33 other reasons Chicago kicks New York’s ass.

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