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We tried Glazed and Infused’s new rosé-infused doughnut

Written by
Stephanie Bernstein

To kick off its new "Thirsty Thursdays" promotion, every Glazed and Infused location will serve sweet rosé doughnuts starting today. The bottle-shaped, yeast-raised base—similar to the shop's classic Long John—is topped with a natural hibiscus-rosé glaze, white chocolate beads and the words "rosé all day" (because of course). Each confection gets a small pipette filled with a rosé reduction that's cooked down to a delicately sweet syrup. Underage doughnut aficionados needn't worry—the alcohol is eliminated through the cooking process, so you don't have to flash an ID to get in on the trend.

So, how does it taste? Don't expect any booze-forward flavors; this sweet treat has notes of punchy strawberry and vanilla, making it a damn fine addition to your morning routine if you need a sugar fix.

Rosé doughnuts are now available for delivery and pickup on Thursdays only. You can also order the all-pink treat in bulk through Glazed and Infused's catering service. While the weekly promotion is starting with rosé (don't worry—the flavor will stick around for a bit), the pastry shop plans to switch things up come winter. We're hoping to see a decadent spiked egg nog come December. 

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