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White Sox fan buries 2005 World Series champions hat in Wrigley Field cement

White Sox fan buries 2005 World Series champions hat in Wrigley Field cement
Photograph: Stephen Green

Over the weekend it was revealed that a member of the Wrigley Field construction crew, who is a White Sox fan, buried a 2005 World Series championship hat somewhere in a mix of cement inside the stadium.

White Sox fans likely see this as some sort of great victory for themselves because they haven't seen their own team earn too many wins on the field this season. Meanwhile, superstitious Cubs fans (of which there are many) might see this as an additional curse on a team whose history is plagued with bad luck.

Both of these viewpoints would be wrong, though. For Sox fans, burying a hat in cement, even if it is in the depths of the Cubs' home stadium, is the wrong way to go about rubbing the 2005 World Series title in Cubs fans' faces. Hiding it in the concrete like a mobster would hide the body of someone he's whacked serves as a perfect analogy for the perception of your team and fans—out of sight and out of mind in the Chicago sports landscape, despite winning a World Series title in the last century. If you really want to get under Cubs fans' skins, you need to wear that gear in public to remind them that the Sox have actually won a championship in most Chicagoans' lifetimes.

If you're the superstitious type, then you know that the Cubs are vexed by much stronger curses and jinxes than some White Sox fan hiding a stupid hat somewhere in the stadium.

If it makes Sox fans feel better, this will make the South Side team somewhat relevant this October when announcers inevitably talk about this storyline in games during the Cubs' World Series run.



Robert W

Thank you for the Good luck charm!

Jose M

I like to thank the Sox fan that buried the sox cap in Wrigley,we couldn't have done it without your good luck charm.HE HE HE. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR REBUILDING OR SELL OFF.

Johnny R

can't be too hard to find...only about 12,000 fans of the team, and many of them are serving time

Hank S

Ha ha, get a load of the whiny, weepy little suburban blogger with the guitar your parents just bought for you. At least sox fans live and work here, unlike the suburban white trash that litters wrigley field, along with the skyline gazing tourists that visit the "magic kingdom". Don't talk about "perceptions" until you realize what the perception is of Cubs fans: drunk, stupid, arrogant, ignorant and the laughing stock of pro sports fan bases. Enjoy your Christmas vacation, and I hope the 12th grade is treating you well, kid.

Steve M

@Hank S most of their neighbors aren't in the city. They are in places like Joliet Stateville Pontiac Menard Dwight and Taylorville. Hey think if the Parole Board paroled more convicts the White Sox might draw some fans?

Johnny R

@Hank S and the perception of Sox fans.... meth smoking, shirtless guys with mullets, who drive their Nova around town beating seniors...then taking their sister on a date

Bill E

Hey there Hank. I've been to both ballparks. First I'll start with Wrigley since I'm a Cubs fan. The Cubs hav the most beautiful women fans ANYWHERE in baseball. I've got to get a neck massage the next day because they r everywhere. It is also a historical landmark. U ask any baseball fan where Wrigley Feild is the answer is undoubtedly Chicago. Unlike U.S. Cellular they don't hav a clue.

Now lets get to the Sox. The very few women that r there. The ones that do go r overweight, missing teeth n which U n ur friend r fighting over at last call on who's gonna take her home. The White Sox hav a bring ur dog day. Thats so pathetic that u can't fill ur stadium u actually hav to bring in the 4 legged dog along with there 2 legged dog. Wen ur walking thru the concourse it looks like a mall instead of a ballpark. So there's no comparison that Wrigley is hands down the better park. Now Hank grab ur big, fat,toothless, ugly wife with the 1980s bush n giv her a Dirty Sachez for me.