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Greetings from Chicago mural.
Photograph: Martha WilliamsGreetings from Chicago mural.

You need a picture of this awesome new Chicago mural

Written by
Brent DiCrescenzo

Yesterday, a roving art collective dubbed Greetings From put the finishing touches on a fresh mural in Logan Square, and it's postcard perfect. Or, well, pure Instagram porn, to put it in modern terms—though the design is a straight-up homage to those vacation postcards from the mid-20th century. If Bruce Springsteen hadn't done it already with Asbury Park, this would be a great Wilco album cover. If you're looking to snap a photo standing before it, here's how to find it: The painting was applied to an old plumbing supply building along the Blue Line tracks, off the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and Prindiville Street. 

Greetings From, a collaboration between graffiti artist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs, has just started its trek across the country, with a mission to create these murals in American towns for a year. We're lucky to be an early stop. So far, they've hit the New York City area and Canton, Ohio. 

Breaking down the image, we spot deep dish pizza, a hot dog dragged through the garden, the Gold Coast, the Illinois Centennial Monument in Logan Square, Muddy Waters, every major pro sports team logo aside from the Fire (poor Fire), Millennium Park and the "Save Ferris" water tower from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Let us know if you can figure out what's in that middle "C." Molten lava under the lake? A doughnut frosting spill into the river? That seems plausible.

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