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Nightlife | 2011 Gifts

Editor Joshua P. Ferguson’s picks for the design-savvy partyer.

 (Courtesy of: RSVP Gallery)
Courtesy of: RSVP Gallery

A beary little Christmas It may not be a Bose, but Bose has never looked quite as cool as this Medicom Be@rbrick Speaker System ($300) for your iPod or iPhone. Part of the Japanese company�s ongoing series of limited-edition toy bears, this one stands just under a foot tall and comes in both black and white. When not serving as the centerpiece of your hipster toy collection, it doubles as a portable sound system with iPod dock, speakers in its ears and a USB connection for easy recharging. Available at RSVP Gallery, 1753 N Damen Ave (773-770-6666).

 (Courtesy of: Daft Life)
Courtesy of: Daft Life

Interstella got her groove back Bide your time while you wait for Daft Punk to put out a new record with this Interstella 5555 Blu-ray ($34.95). On it, the masked duo�s Discovery album is set to the animated tale of an enslaved house-music band from outer space. Feature length, it�s a must for music and movie fans alike. Available at amazon.com.

 (Courtesy of: Serato)
Courtesy of: Serato

Misery loves company Sure you can get Serato control vinyl in every color in the rainbow, but that�s still not the same as deejaying with mini works of art like these Misery Picture Discs ($39.95 each). They may be the last commission from the New Zealand pop artist Misery, who wants to brighten her persona, and they come one to a package, so don�t forget to buy doubles. Available at turntablelab.com.