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Rebecca Sohn and Conner O’Malley

I "grilled" sketch comedy weirdos Rebecca Sohn and Conner O'Malley, currently starring in Finally Alone...Together at the Annoyance, about the other. Happily, they nailed one another.

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Conner O'Malley)
Photograph: Courtesy of Conner O'MalleyConner O�MalleyWhat are three adjectives that you would use to describe Sohn?Conner O�Malley Definitely funny, incredibly smart and very dumb at the same time.What is a project you would like to work on with Sohn?CO If they ever redo Ghostbusters, I would want her to play the secretary.If Sohn were a film genre, what genre would she be and why?CO Probably noir. She�s got a very black-and-white silver-screen actress look.If Sohn weren�t a comedian, what would she do?CO Probably run a commune outside of San Francisco. She would be head of garbage mulching or whatever that�s called.How does watching Sohn inspire you?CO She�s at a level not too many people get at where every part of her mind and facial expressions and even physical movement is so at the top of its game that you just watch her and think, I�ll never be able to get to that point but I can try.If Sohn were an automobile, what kind of car would she be?CO A Pinto. It seems like a weird, shitty punk-rock car.If Sohn were a museum exhibition, what and where would it be?CO The title would be �Casting Directors See Me as a Lesbian,� and it would probably be at the Vietnam Museum.If Sohn were to star in a porn, what would be the title?CO Jewface Goes to Cock Town.What will Sohn be doing in ten years?CO Probably a big-time Steppenwolf show. I see her doing real serious theater.
 (Photograph: Naomi Epstein Photography)
Photograph: Naomi Epstein PhotographyRebecca SohnWhat are three adjectives that you would use to describe O�Malley?Rebecca Sohn Retarded, sincere and kind.If O�Malley were to get in a fight with Wonder Woman, who would win?RS Conner has superhuman calves so he might be able to squish her between his calves, so that might be a fair fight.If O�Malley were to have a child, what kind of parent would he be?RS A combination of the best and the shittiest. He�d be really good because he�s got a child�s mind, but I think he�d forget to do stuff. He walks dogs for a living, so I�ll bet when his kid has to poop he takes it out for a walk and thinks that�s the way to do it.If O�Malley weren�t a comedian, what would he be?RS A homeless person.If O�Malley were a film genre, what would it be?RS Blaxploitation.How has O�Malley changed you as a comedian?RS He�s probably made me a little more playful because he�s so playful on stage.If O�Malley were to be transported to another era in American history, what would it be?RS I don�t think he would survive in any other period in history. It would have to be something in the future.If O�Malley were to star in a porn, what would be the title?RS Sad Homeless Guy Squeezes His Dick Too Hard and Breaks It.In ten years, what will O�Malley will be doing?RS Still pulling string out of dogs� asses or living off of [girlfriend] Aidy [Bryant]�s success.
By Jason A. Heidemann |


Finally Alone… Together plays Sunday 19 and 26. The Annoyance 25th Anniversary Gala happens Saturday 18.

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