Errol Morris on Tabloid | Interview

The doc filmmaker revisits the famous case of the “manacled Mormon.”
IFC Films Errol Morris

What was the genesis of the Tabloid project? When you go to someone like Joyce McKinney and you say you want to make a movie about her, does she just say, “Okay, great”?
I called her right after I read [a Boston] Globe article on [her] cloning [her dog]. [Similarly, years ago] I read this article in The New York Times—the title is, “Can capital punishment be humane?” It’s got a picture of Fred Leuchter [the subject of Morris’s Mr. Death] with his patent-pending electric chair.… At the bottom of this fucked-up article, it turns out the guy’s a Holocaust denier. [Claps hands] Sold! It’s the concatenation of two weird, fucked-up things. In my addled brain, I wonder, What’s that about? And with Joyce, it’s “32-year-old sex-in-chains story plus…dog cloning?” She didn’t want to talk when I first approached her. Months went by. I called her in L.A., and she was interested. And then it was a matter of just arranging to get her into a studio.

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