Harmontown Podcast and Film Screening

Harmontown Podcast and Film Screening

After being let go as the showrunner from NBC Community, writer Dan Harmon sunk himself into a new outlet: podcasting. In the back room of a Los Angeles comic book star, Harmon and his close friends engaged in vodka-fueled conversations about the latest happenings in their lives, followed by an ongoing game of Dungeons & Dragons. Last winter, without the demanding schedule of network sitcom to restrict him, Harmon elected to take the show on the road to major U.S. cities (including Chicago) and asked documentary director Neil Berkeley to follow along. The result is the road show feature Harmontown and to celebrate its release, the podcast is heading out on tour again. The film will be screening will being at 7:30pm, followed by a live podcast recording at approximately 9:15pm. The early show will feature a Q&A, but no podcast recording.

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