Boltwood loves Sketchbook beer dinner

Boltwood loves Sketchbook beer dinner
Photograph: Douglas Bening Grilled brun-uusto at Boltwood Evanston native Brian Huston is serving up the kind of food the town didn’t realize it was missing. That includes bar snacks like the sweet and salty grilled brun-uusto, a Wisconsin take on a Scandinavian cheese served with

Join Boltwood as they celebrate their love for Sketchbook Brewery with a four-course dinner specially paired with the brewery's beers. Normally closed on Mondays, you can enjoy this beer dinner with dishes like a Zeppole Italian savory donut (with saison etu beer), shrimp and white beans with a kale salsa and more to enjoy. Don't forget the fantastic beer including pale and brown ales and finishing the night with a Belgian dark strong. The entire night is $55 per person.

Event phone: 847-859-2880
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