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Dinkel's Bakery adds new breakfast sandwiches

The four new offerings range from egg and cheese to pesto- and avocado-topped sandwiches

Dinkel's has added four new breakfast sandwiches to its morning menu. The Veggie Baker's Sunrise is made with eggs, spinach, sharp white cheddar and avocado on root bread.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Dinkel's)
Photograph: Courtesy Dinkel'sDinkel's has added four new breakfast sandwiches to its morning menu. The Baker's Sunrise is made with eggs, Paulina Meat Market's bacon, sharp white cheddar, avocado and pesto on root bread.
By Rebecca Skoch

Dinkel's, Roscoe Village's beloved old-school bakery, is an early morning classic for pastries, doughnuts and coffee. In January, it debuted a new menu of breakfast sandwiches as a supporting cast to its usual sugary treats. (Though if you go the sugary route, we recommend its almond bear claw.)

The new breakfast sandwiches are composed of locally sourced ingredients and built atop Dinkel's fresh-baked bread and buttercrust rolls. it uses eggs from Harrison's Poultry Farm in Glenview and bacon from right down the block at Paulina Meat Market. There are four selections to choose from, ranging from simple egg and cheese combinations (the Lincoln Avenue, $4.89) to a vegetarian option (the Veggie Baker's Sunrise, $5.49), which is downright bawdy with eggs, sharp white cheddar, avocado, spinach and pesto atop the bakery's signature root bread.

Our favorite, though, is the Baker's Sunrise sandwich ($5.89), the most complex of the four offerings. Dinkel's root bread is thinly sliced and toasted and generously spread with buttery pesto that soaks into the crevices of the airy bread. It's stacked with scrambled eggs, sharp cheddar, slices of perfectly ripe avocado and thick, chewy bacon before being pressed, toasted and served hot in a simple wax paper wrapper.

The sandwiches are available in the cafe starting at 8am, so you can totally stop on your way to work.

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