Domestic buzz

Transform your home into your own personal cantina with these boozy accessories.

1Vintage tumblers are $5 each, or $4 each for six or more, at Roost (5634 N Clark St, 773-506-0406). Bond 2martini glasses, $5.95 each at CB2 (800 W North Ave, 312-787-8329), have the elegance of vintage coupes, without the fragility.

Kyle McHugh has turned his liquor store, Drinks Over Dearborn (650 N Dearborn St, 312-337-9463), into a cocktail geek’s dream house. It’s a one-stop shop for a 28-ounce weighted 3shaker tin, $6; Hawthorn strainer (not pictured), $3; TAG 4muddler, $12; Cube bar 5jigger, $25; and Perfect Cube ice tray (not pictured), $18 for a two-pack.

Conceal cheap liquors in simple 6decanters. These apothecary versions ($16 for smaller bottles, $20 for larger one) are from Roost. Room Service (5438 N Clark St, 773-878-5438) has unusual vintage decanters (not pictured) in emerald green and amber ($95 each).

Show off lime wedges, orange peels and Himalayan pink sea salt in a set of three 7stacking boxes, $30 at CB2.

8Ice buckets are rarely sleek. Repurpose a planter, $43 at Sprout Home (745 N Damen Ave, 312-226-5950), instead.

A homey 9reamer from Anthropologie (locations throughout the city, is much more charming than your average juicer. This version is out of stock, but the store offers similar styles.