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Illustration: Andy Mora

Five great breakfast sandwiches

From smoked trout to pork liver terrine, these sandwiches show an Egg McMuffin who’s boss.


Egg sandwich at Sola
With a pile of arugula, this sandwich feels guilt-free. Over-easy eggs are light, crispy bacon offers texture, and fluffy goat cheese brings it all together. $10.—Laura Baginski

Fried bologna sandwich at Hearty
Band-Aid–flavored meat between gummy bread? Hearty’s version bullies that brown-bag disaster with thick, smoky bologna and a fried egg. Add a kaiser roll slicked with an egg wash and you’ve officially graduated from Oscar Mayer. $9.50.—LB

Pork liver terrine at Jam
Rich liver, sweet onion jam and sprightly cabbage: unexpected ingredients that cure breakfast-sandwich fatigue. Here, they’re served open-face on a pretzel baguette. $12.—David Tamarkin

Bagel sandwich at Nightwood
Fans of smoked fish cannot hope for more in life than this sandwich, in which Rushing Waters smoked trout cream cheese is smeared on a bagel and topped with bacon and an over-easy egg. $13.—Julia Kramer

Breakfast sandwich at Balsan
O, modestly sized croissant, fluffy scrambled eggs, subtle Comté / How nice to eat you and still have room for sugar-dusted doughnuts / I’ll be back to see you soon. $19, includes salumi, cheese and pastry board.—Marissa Conrad

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