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Illustration: Andy Mora

How to eat a taco

It’s just three easy steps.

By David Tamarkin

Some tacos (we’re looking at you, lengua) are tidy enough that you can eat them without risk—the most embarrassment you’ll suffer is a rogue cube of meat rolling across your lap. But if you’re eating barbacoa, birria or any other saucy, messy taco, follow this three-step plan:

1. Fold the tortilla around the fillings and grab it from the top with one hand. Reserve your other hand for emergencies (i.e., catching massive spillage).

2. Keeping the taco perpendicular to the table at all times (do not tilt!), lift it to mouth level directly above the plate. Do not attempt to move the taco horizontally.

3. Lean your face into the taco’s space to take a bite.

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