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Ryan Poli on the opening of Tavernita | Interview

The chef’s new restaurant, Tavernita, is slated for a late-August opening

Photograph: Jeff Kauck
Ryan Poli

Tavernita will have three separate areas—a restaurant, a lounge and Barcito, a stand-and-eat pintxos bar. Does this mean you’re running three restaurants?
Almost like two. Barcito will have a different menu, a different feel to it. But the late-night lounge is going to be serviced with the same menu as Tavernita—but it’s going to be more booth seating, more lounge seating, than the main dining room.

Why should people eat at Tavernita this summer?
It’s not a fine-dining restaurant by any means. It’s going to be casual, it’s going to be a fun place. And I’m the chef!