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Summer sandwiches

These warm-weather ’wiches won’t be around forever.


Lobster roll at City Porch
A classic East Coast-style roll: knuckle meat, claw meat, mayo. $18.
Summeriness rating
10 out of 10
How fleeting is it? City Porch closes in October, but it�ll be back in March.
Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave (312-595-5560)


Sunday Dinner Burger
If you�re having trouble locating this outdoor kitchen at Green City Market, just look for the smoke. The grilled burgers are topped differently every week, but it generally looks like this: green garlic mayo, horseradish cheddar and arugula on one of Crumb bakery�s buns. $10.
Summeriness rating
7 out of 10
How fleeting is it? It�s only around on Saturdays, 9am-1pm.
1750 N Clark St (Lincoln Park between Clark St and Stockton Dr)


The Garden �Salwich� at Terrace at Trump
Salwich isn�t a word; it�s a concept. And that concept is this: Pile fried eggplant, burrata, tomato compote, smoked aioli, pesto, arugula and balsamic on grilled polenta bread and say that it�s half salad, half sandwich. $26.
Summeriness rating
8 out of 10
How fleeting is it? The Terrace will close for the season in October.
401 N Wabash Ave (312-588-8600)


Shrimp po� boy at PT
The beer-battered shrimp hoagie at this pop-up restaurant is cut two ways: once with a pickled vegetable slaw, and again with a sriracha-garlic mayo. $13.50.
Summeriness rating
7 out of 10
How fleeting is it? The pop-up could end in August, or it may go on through November. No one knows.
10 E Delaware Pl (312-640-8135)