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Thanksgiving alternatives 2011

Where to go on Thanksgiving when you want to avoid cranberry sauce (or your evil cousins).


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Overcooked turkeys. Judgmental aunts. Wailing nieces and nephews. Thanksgiving is a blast, isn’t it? For those who need an escape route—or those families who simply can’t stand the thought of another year of stuffing—here are some Thanksgiving alternatives, starting with the most Thankgiving-ish and ending with…sushi!

Odyssey Cruises
The buffet will be stocked with Thanksgiving foods. But your landlocked cousins won’t be able to taunt you here on the water. Leaves from Navy Pier (866-305-2469). Thanksgiving lunch: 2–4:30pm; $40.90 (kids 2 and under $24.95). Thanksgiving dinner, 6–9:30pm; $69.90 (kids 2 and under $41.95).

Three Happiness Restaurant
Turkey has nothing on crispy-skinned roast duck. But, hey, they kind of look alike, right? 209 W Cermak Rd (312-842-1964).

Lottie’s Pub
Wild Turkey, and lots of it. 1925 W Cortland St (773-489-0738). Opens at 5pm.

Pita Kabab
No turkey, just kebabs. No mashed potatoes, just hummus. No cranberry sauce, just…no cranberry sauce. 5701 N California Ave (773-271-2771). 11am–11pm.

Rios D’Sudamerica
This place has 14 varieties of ceviche. What’s Thanksgiving got 14 varieties of? Nothing! 2010 W Armitage Ave (773-276-0170).

Friends Sushi
sashimi. Deep-fried unagi egg roll. Most important: a location where nobody will look to find you. 710 N Rush St (312-787-8998).

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