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The bar chart | Aug. 16–29, 2012

Our heated assessment of where to drink this week.

 (Photograph: Michael Jarecki)
Photograph: Michael Jarecki

Square One


The J. Parker


RM Champagne Salon

 (Photograph: Martha Williams)
Photograph: Martha Williams

Absinthe service at the Savoy

 (Photograph: Marzena Abrahamik)
Photograph: Marzena Abrahamik

The Bluebird

ATLAS BREWING CO. Brewpubs: the trend on which bros in both cargo shorts and skinny jeans can agree. 2747 N Lincoln Ave (773-295-1270). file under:beer geeks

THE BLUEBIRD Oysters: now to be eaten for $1 from 5–7pm on any day that ends in y. 1749 N Damen Ave (773-486-2473). file under:beer geeks, neighbohoodie, shuck it

THE J. PARKER Rooftops: We’re gonna chill on them even if the humidity kills us. 1816 N Clark St (312-254-4747). file under:cocktailians, great escapes

QUARTINO Mysteries: How is this place always packed??? Now it has a second-floor patio. 626 N State St (312-698-5000). file under:winos

RM CHAMPAGNE SALON Sparkling wine: We’re pretty sure they’ll let you put it on anything here. 116 N Green St (312-243-1199).file under:saber it

ROOKIES Wrigleyville: It’s a jungle out there, and to survive, you must serve burgers. 3400 N Clark St (773-340-0255). file under:game on

THE SAVOY Absinthe: You don’t need wormwood for a 136-proof spirit to get you fuddled. 1408 N Milwaukee Ave (773-698-6925). file under:green fairies

SQUARE ONE The South Loop: Get these people some wine bars already. 1400 S Michigan Ave (312-786-1750). file under:cocktailians, neighborhoodie, winos