The bar chart | Nov 9–16, 2011

Our heated assessment of where to drink this week.
 (Photograph: Joe Rondone)
Photograph: Joe RondoneDownstairs wine bar at Letizia's Fiore
 (Photograph: Jason Little)
Photograph: Jason LittleThe Bedford
 (Photograph: Martha Williams)
Photograph: Martha WilliamsThe Barrelhouse Flat
 (Photograph: Nick Murway)
Photograph: Nick MurwayVera

THE BARRELHOUSE FLAT It’s three parts [node:148053 link=Violet Hour;], one part [node:7566993 link=John Barleycorn;]. 2624 N Lincoln Ave (773-857-0421). file under: cocktailians/bros, late night

THE BEDFORD Thursdays: Keepin’ up their reputation as the new Fridays with $5 Rat Pack–inspired cocktails. 1612 W Division St (773-235-8800). file under: cocktailians, date night, see and be scene

THE DRAWING ROOM We can’t find a cocktail contest Charles Joly hasn’t won: The latest sends him to London. 937 N Rush St (312-266-2694). file under: cocktailians, date night

LETIZIA'S FIORE A new downstairs “vino bar” offers 40 wines under $40 and Italian craft beers. 2456 N California Ave (773-342-4400). file under: neighborhoodie, winos

RIPASSO The new version of Terragusto (now in Bucktown) has something the oldie lacked: a full bar. 1619 N Damen Ave (773-342-8799). file under: cocktailians, date night, neighborhoodie, winos

THE SNUGGERY The strip of lost hopes called Division Street is now home to an outpost of this sports bar. 15 W Division St (312-337-4349). file under: can you hear me now???, late night

TR NAPA VALLEY A tiny, tony new wine bar finds its niche in the Gold Coast. 61 E Oak St (312-929-2299). file under: date night, neighborhoodie, winos

VERA It’s about the wine on tap. It’s about the small plates. And as far as we’re concerned, it’s about time. 1023 W Lake St (312-243-9770). file under: the west loop never quits, winos