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The bar chart | Sept 21–28, 2011

Our heated assessment of where to drink this week.

 (Photograph: Michael Jarecki)
Photograph: Michael Jarecki

Burke's Public House

 (Photograph: Martha Williams)
Photograph: Martha Williams

Bangers & Lace

 (Photograph: Jason Little)
Photograph: Jason Little

The Bedford


Chicago Q

 (Photograph: Emily Rawdon)
Photograph: Emily Rawdon

The Scout

 (Photograph: Clayton Hauck)
Photograph: Clayton Hauck


BANGERS & LACE What’s different about this new bar brunch? It’s served on Mondays. 1670 W Division St (773-252-6499). file under:beer geeks, neighborhoodie

THE BEDFORD What’s different about this new bar brunch? It’s served till 5pm. In a bank vault. 1612 W Division St (773-235-8800). file under:see and be scene Read Julia Kramer's review >>> 

THE BLUEBIRD Telegraph gets all the attention! Let’s give a little love to its sibling, which just got a new chef. 1749 N Damen Ave (773-486-2473). file under:beer geeks, date night, good enough to eat

BURKE'S PUBLIC HOUSE Shiny. Friendly. New. Just the kind of bar Edgewater can appreciate. 5401 N Broadway (773-944-1109). file under:neighborhoodie 

CHICAGO Q The Q is good, but it is not cheap. But it’s cheaper with the new weekday happy hour from 3–6pm. 1160 N Dearborn St (312-642-1160). file under:bourbon country, good enough to eat Read Heather Shouse's re-review >>> 

THE SCOUT The streets of the South Loop feel empty lately. That’s ’cause everyone’s here. 1301 S Wabash Ave (312-705-0595). file under:can you hear me now??? , neighborhoodie  

TELEGRAPH Your moment of envy: Why does Logan Square get everything nice? 2601 N Milwaukee Ave (773-292-9463). FILE UNDER:date night, good enough to eat, winos Read Julia Kramer's review >>>  

TINY LOUNGE What’s different about this new bar brunch? It’s served on Saturdays. 4352 N Leavitt St (773-463-0396). file under:cocktailians, date night, winos