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The big chef swap

Chefs are taking new jobs left and right. Here are the latest career moves...and what we think about them.

By David Tamarkin |
 (Photograph: Nicole Radja)
Photograph: Nicole RadjaThe move Martial Noguier swapped Cafe des Architectes for BistronomicAnalysis Noguier left a cushy hotel atmosphere to become a chef-owner; he also left behind fine dining for less-stuffy bistro food. It�s a risky move for Noguier, but Chicagoans benefit, so we�re not going to complain.Verdict Mostly sensical, mildy risky.
 (Photograph: Martha Williams)
Photograph: Martha WilliamsThe move Ryan Poli swaps Perennial for Tavernita, opening this summerAnalysis Poli's departure for a Latin/Mediterranean small-plates/nightlife spot doesn�t gel with our impression of the chef, who has previously stuck with finer dining. But dude is definitely obsessed with Spanish food. And clubs. He likes clubs.Verdict We don't get it.
 (Martha Williams)
Martha WilliamsThe move Todd Stein swapped Cibo Matto at theWit Hotel for the Florentine at the JW Marriott Chicago. Analysis He went from making housemade pastas in one hotel kitchen to...making housemade pastas in another hotel kitchen.Verdict Does this even qualify as a career move?
The move Paul Virant takes over Perennial (which will be renamed Perennial Virant) next monthAnalysis Virant has been the most passionate proponent of local foods in the suburbs. Lincoln Park ain�t the �burbs, but the location (across the street from Green City Market) couldn�t make more sense.Verdict It's a natural fit.
The move Jackie Shen swapped Red Light for Chicago Cut SteakhouseAnalysis Shen�s eight years at the helm of the pan-Asian Red Light seems wasted on a run-of-the-mill steak joint. Then again, her signature dessert, the �chocolate bag,� will probably fit in nicely.Verdict Truly confusing.
The move Toni Roberts swapped C-House for theWit HotelAnalysis The pastry chef, known for her �candy bar,� a selection of bite-size desserts, is going from one hotel to another. Here, her platform (and duties) will be bigger�her desserts will be at three restaurants instead of one.Verdict Smart move�more work for Roberts means more pastries for us.