Three Dots and a Dash launches its new cocktail list tonight

There are 11 new tiki drinks and three new punches to try
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoNo Bye, No Aloha at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoScorpion Bowl at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoPorts of Call at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoDr. Funkhouser at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoDon't Touch My Bikini at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoDead Reckoning at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoPuka Puka Punch at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoPinky Gonzales at Three Dots and a Dash
 (Anjali M. PInto)
Anjali M. PIntoPieces of Eight at Three Dots and a Dash
By Amy Cavanaugh |

Three Dots and a Dash opened last July with 16 tiki drinks on its menu (we tried all of them, of course), but Paul McGee hasn't changed the menu since then. Even if it's awesome, nine months is a long time to keep a single cocktail list these days, but on recent visits to Three Dots, we saw McGee and other bartenders testing out some new drinks.

Those new drinks are available now. While five cocktails from the original list remain (Three Dots and a Dash, Bunny's Banana Daiquiri, Jet Pilot, Painkiller No. 3 and Poipu Beach Boogie Board), there are 11 newcomers to try. We haven't had every new drink (yet), but our early favorites are the Pinky Gonzales, a tequila-based mai tai, and Dr. Funkhouser, a fruity mezcal and rum mix with blackberry and pineapple. Plus, there are three new punches: a new version of the infamous $385 Treasure Chest; Pieces of Eight, which is $35 and serves two to three people; and the Scorpion Bowl, which is $45 and serves four to five people.

Don't worry about never getting to have your favorite tiki drink again—after we expressed serious concern that we could never drink our beloved Saturn again, bartender Erin Hayes told us the bartenders can still make anything from the old list.

While that's a relief, we still can't wait to try all the new drinks, all of which are $13. Here's what you'll find:

Puka Puka Punch Aged rhum agricole, Louisiana rum, passionfruit, lime, falernum
Port Light Bourbon, passionfruit, pomegranate, lemon
Pearl Diver Aged Guyanese rum, overproof Guyanese rum, curacao, lime, gardenia mix, angostura bitters
Pinky Gonzales Reposado tequila, curacao, lime, orgeat
Siboney Dark Jamaican rum, passionfruit, pineapple, lime
Golden Glove Aged Jamaican rum, curacao, lime (served frozen)

Dead Reckoning Aged Jamaican rum, armagnac, tawny port, vanilla, pineapple, lemon, angostura bitters
Don't Touch My Bikini Genever, coconut, lime, hellfire shrub, angostura bitters
No Bye, No Aloha Gin, spiced rum, passionfruit, lemon, oloroso sherry, orgeat, falernum, absinthe
Dr. Funkhouser Mezcal, arrack, Jamaican rum, blackberry, pomegranate, lime, pineapple, falernum
Ports of Call Aged Guyanese rum, rye, cacao, fernet