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Give in to your inner lazybones and order tasty and convenient food straight to your door
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By Time Out contributors |
We love going out and trying new restaurants, but sometimes you need to stay in and chill out. That's where steps in. There are hundreds of restaurants a click away, including perfect Neapolitan pizza and a wine store to facilitate your laziness. Happy ordering in!
Restaurants, Mexican

Cemitas Puebla

icon-location-pin Logan Square

In case you missed its appearance on an episode of “Triple D” (Guy Fieri’s own slang for his ridiculously popular Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), this Pueblan restaurant has a giant sign commemorating the experience. Locals just shrug, as they’ve long known that this is the place to score specialties such as tacos arabes, pork tacos with thick, pitalike wrappers that are the result of Puebla’s Lebanese influence. Here, these chipotle-spiked beauties and their friend the cemita milanesa (a breaded pork steak with cheese and avocado on a sesame-studded bun) are among the best of the menu, and unique finds to boot.

Restaurants, Thai

Cozy Noodles & Rice

icon-location-pin Wrigleyville

With hundreds of tin robots, wind-up toys and other kitschy gewgaws covering every inch of wall space, your short wait for lunch here will be spent giggling about Pez dispensers you had as a kid. Entrées typically zoom out of the kitchen, especially on busy weekend nights. Start with the spring rolls, which are light and crisp enough that you’ll have plenty of room for a heaping plate of rama, with its rich peanut sauce, crunchy steamed broccoli and perfectly fried cubes of firm tofu.


Zizi's Cafe

This two-year-old Lakeview restaurant specializes in Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, from housemade Turkish bread to doner kebab to feta salad.

Life's a Cabernet

This Wicker Park wine shop offers 500 wines, 200 of which are less than $20. But even if wine's not your thing, you can find the booze you need: The store also carries 75 craft beers, Scotch and vodka.

Restaurants, Latin American


icon-location-pin Bucktown

Never tried Costa Rican food? This spot is simple, authentic, cheap, supercasual and friendly—just what the doctor ordered. Start with the hearts of palm salad—tangy stalks on a bed of shredded cabbage tossed in a lime vinaigrette, along with radishes, cilantro, cucumber, pickled beets and ripe avocado. Make it a meal by adding the steak-and-beans “pepito” sandwich and sweet plantains. Bring a bottle of malbec to match, and end the meal with an oatmeal shake (sounds strange, tastes great).


The Goddess and Grocer

icon-location-pin Rush & Division

Prepared foods like goat cheese–stuffed chicken breast and grilled asparagus topped with truffle oil show the Goddess’s nod to elegance, while commuter-friendly breakfast sandwiches and steamy cups of coffee bring bustling biz in the morning. Don’t miss the fancy ice creams in the small freezer.

Restaurants, Japanese

Friends Sushi

icon-location-pin River North

At this Gold Coast sushi spot, the lights are low and the candles numerous, which warms up the slick, white, space-agey design. But to warm yourself up, count on the rich, savory unagi egg rolls (avocado and eel wrapped and fried); buttery hamachi sashimi; or one of the over-the-top maki rolls.

Restaurants, Vegan

Urban Vegan

icon-location-pin Lake View

Vegans and vegetarians who love Thai food can breathe a sigh of relief. This may look like every other neighborhood curry shack, but there is no fish sauce hiding in the peanut satay nor egg wash coating the spring rolls: Everything on the menu is 100 percent vegan. Omnivores won’t taste the sacrifice in dishes like a fragrant green curry rife with Japanese eggplant or curried tofu skewers with chunky peanut sauce.

Restaurants, Pizza

Pizzeria da Nella

icon-location-pin Lincoln Park

These pizzas are distinguished from other Neapolitan pies in Chicago in that you can hold a slice and not have the tapered end slump over your hand. There is no wetness here, really. Nor is there a notable amount of crisp. If the perfect crust is one so perfectly balanced that it seems without textural inclinations, Nella’s crust indeed may be perfect.

Time Out says

Delaware Cleaners

This Gold Coast dry cleaner can clean anything, from rugs to coats. Need a zipper replaced, a hole patched, a button sewn or dress hemmed? Delaware can do that, too.

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