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Shea and Kelly Dolce talk Wildcat Sports Camp

The seven-year-old twins tell us what they love to play at their fave Northwestern camp.
Photo: Nicole Radja
By Ashley Greene |

What’s sports camp at Northwestern like?
Kelly: There are lots of sports you can do there. I play beach volleyball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse and basketball and swim.

What makes camp special to you?
Shea: We get to go to the beach a lot and go swimming. The water’s cold but it’s really hot out. I’m excited for pool day when we get to go off the high dive. I really love relays, Steal the Bacon and Flag Tag.

What’s your favorite part of the day?
Kelly: I really like having lunch because we have it outside and you get to sit with lots of people. My friends at camp are really nice. We bring sandwiches, some chips and yogurt.

What are the counselors like?
Shea: The counselors at camp are really nice because they help you with stuff. And you know what to do because they tell you what to do. Elizabeth is a counselor in our group who helps us. She plays lacrosse. She’s really nice and encouraging.

How do you feel after a day at camp?
Kelly: Really tired because we did all those sports and fun activities. We take a bus. It’s really long and there are lots of songs that come on.

Do you have any funny memories from camp?
Shea: There was a funny girl, another camper, who danced a lot on the bus when there was music. She liked to sing.


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