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  1. Peacock, $55,

  2. R2D2, $48,

  3. Burrito, $46.46,

  4. Sushi, $40,

  5. Chicken, $35,

  6. Elephant, $50,

  7. Gnome, $12,

  8. Hamburger, $75,

  9. Baby chick, $29,

  10. Cow, $20,

  11. Lion, $78,

  12. Owl, $145,

  13. Mouse, $65,

  14. Chewbacca, $20,

  15. Turtle, $85,

The cutest kids' costumes on the Internet

Your little one will score big when trick or treating wearing one of these adorable kids' costumes


There are many reasons to have kids—and raise them in the city. One of the biggest: dressing them up on Halloween in the most adorable kids' costumes imaginable and joining them for trick or treating in the ritzy neighborhoods (mainly to show them off, but also to eat their candy). Here are the 15 most ridiculously cute costumes we could find on etsy and other sites. Plus, don't forget to check out the selection at local costume stores

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