Thin Mint madness

Chicago sweet shops come up with their own take on Thin Mints, and a local Girl Scout and her mom weigh in on how they stack up.

Girl Scout Thin Mint The gold standard of chocolate mint crunchinessAmelia Haley, fourth-grade Girl Scout “When I think of Girl Scout cookies, I think of these, like, Ta da, this is it! They are really good on a hot summer day because they make me cooler.”Dawn Haley, her mom “The taste of the mint in these is so strong that as a [home] baker I would be afraid to add that much mint to replicate that flavor, but you have to get that intensity.”Try it $4/box. Find cookies close to you by entering your zip code at Photo: Erica Gannett; Photo Assistant: Andrew Nawrocki; Model: Amelia Haley
Chocolate mint pie from Hoosier Mama Pie CompanyThe spin-off A chocolate cookie crust with a crunchy cocoa nib “candy bar” layer, plus a layer of mint-infused ganache and a layer of chocolate mousseAH “Oh, it’s really creamy—creamier than the cookie would be, but not as strong of a mint flavor.”DH “Very, very chocolaty and very rich, so if you like that, you would love this. But I still think the real Thin Mint is more refreshing.”Try it $4 slice, $22 pie, 1618½ W Chicago Ave, 312-243-4846 Photo: Erica Gannett
The Lady Mint from Sarah’s Pastries & CandiesThe spin-off Chocolate shortbread sandwich cookie with chocolate mint ganache filling, dusted in powdered sugarAH “The middle is theonly part that tastes like mint, but it’s good. I like the powdered sugar on top…yummy.”DH “You do smell the mint before biting in, but the mint flavor is more of an aftertaste, which is nice. I do like the texture a lot.”Try it $2.75, 70 E Oak St, 312-664-6223 Photo: Erica Gannett
Chocolate mint gelato from Black Dog GelatoThe spin-off Bittersweet chocolate gelato with peppermint oil added inAH “It’s good, to me, because I’m a kid and I like ice cream. My favorite ice cream normally is mint chip because of the color and super-minty flavor. This one doesn’t have that, but it is reaaaaally creamy.”DH “This smells minty but has a deeper chocolate flavor that almost has a hint of coffee to it, which I don’t like. Althoughit is very smooth, a very nice andthick gelato.”Try it $3.50 small, $4.75 large, $8 pint, 859 N Damen Ave, 773-235-3116 Photo: Erica Gannett
“Thin Mint” from Angel Food BakeryThe spin-off Chocolate wafer cookie with mint ganache and chocolate coatingAH “It does taste like the real Thin Mint and I like the wavy line of creamy filling, but I don’t like it quite as much as the real thing. Almost though.”DH “This one tastes strong like the Thin Mint. It’s unapologetically minty, like you would expect from the original.”Try it 80¢, 1636 W Montrose Ave, 773-728-1512 Photo: Erica Gannett
Chocolate mintboulder from Floriole Cafe and BakeryThe spin-off Dark mint-chocolate flake meringue dipped in dark chocolateAH “This tastes sorta likecotton candy, which is notreally my thing. It’s good, but I think it’s more of a good thingfor parents.”DH “Completely different than what you’d be used to in a Thin Mint, but well done. It might be a hard sell for kids, but adults would enjoy it.”Try it $1, 1220 W Webster Ave, 773-883-1313 Photo: Erica Gannett
Patty Cake from Brown Sugar BakeryThe spin-off Enormous four-layer chocolate cake with mint frosting and dark-chocolate ganacheAH “The frosting tastes like Thin Mints but the cake tastes like birthday cake. It’s soooo good. It would be even better if you put it in the freezer like you do with Thin Mints.”DH “The presentation is stunning, the way the ganache drips down. This is very good…the one we keep going back to for another bite.”Try it $4 slice/$45 cake, 328 E 75th St,773-224-6262 Photo: Erica Gannett
One more for the road Track down the Flirty Cupcakes truck for a “Troop 67357”: a chocolate cupcake with peppermint buttercream filling, peppermint ganache and crumbled Thin Mints. $3.25, Photo: Erica Gannett