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Photograph: Timothy Saccenti Chromeo

Does sincerity matter? Daft Punk mines the discos of the 1970s and '80s with utter sincerity—while dressing like toys. Fellow frommage-funk connoisseur Chromeo has always come off as more of a self-conscious, smart-ass, horny teenager. That's hard to avoid when Dave 1 sings, "Watch out for guys who grab your tush," on the new cut "Sexy Socialite." Their albums are loaded with sexy legs, saxophones and Cameros. If Chromeo is not being ironic, it's plain dumb. But back to my original question—does that matter? The two have turned themselves into a kind of ZZ Top of electro-pop. Every girl is still crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man, even if he looks like a well groomed L.A. car detailer holding a keytar. Wave Racer opens.

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