Fall Out Boy + Wiz Khalifa

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Fall Out Boy
Photograph: Courtesy the Door Online Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy went from emo and pop-punk latecomers to something like the new REO Speedwagon (hey, same state), though they're aiming for Queen. The foursome's sound is big, brash and built for sports arenas. Which is why their new singles are unavoidable if you watch football or attend hockey. Still, for all the kooky samples of Mötley Crüe, Suzanne Vega and The Munsters, they're a dopey charm now that they're not taking themselves seriously—a fatal flaw of emo. It's hair metal by kids who grew up on skateboards and hip-hop. Which is why they're being paired on this "Boys of Zummer" tour with walking herb grinder Wiz Khalifa. Hoodie Allen opens.

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