For Frankie: Ralphi Rosario + Abel Aguillera + Alan King

Music, Dance and electronic
Frankie Knuckles
Courtesy of: Def Mix

Ever since legendary DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles (better known at the "Godfather of House Music") left for the big dance floor in the sky in 2014, Metro and Smartbar have thrown an annual party in his honor. This year's shindig, which benefits the Frankie Knuckles Foundation, brings production duo Rosabel (Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aguilera) and Chosen Few DJ Alan King to the Metro stage, while Queen! residents Derrick Carter, Michael Serafini and Garrett David hold down the decks at Smartbar. For fans of house music, it's a fitting tribute to one of the genre's titans, in addition to being a great excuse to stay out late on a Sunday night.

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