Foster the People + St. Lucia

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Foster the People + St. Lucia
Foster the People

Foster the People named its new album Supermodel. Because We Now Have the Same Personal Trainer as Adam Levine was too long? In any case, there's a Drakkar Noir–y air hanging about the magazine-ready pop act. Cynicism has always played a key role in Mark Foster's sharp commercial hooks (see: the subversion of getting thousands to sing a hit song about mass shooters in "Pumped Up Kicks"), but the all-important follow-up material so far sounds increasingly bitter. "Coming of Age" ostensibly does all the things the big singles from Torches did, but it's unshakably duller. A few years ago, this band had an entire field at Lolla in the palm of its hand. Now it'll have to scrap hard to not become another Sugar Ray.

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