Grizzly Bear + Serpentwithfeet

Music, Rock and indie
Grizzly Bear
Photograph: Courtesy Tom Hines

One of indie rock's most cerebral and capable bands, New York quartet Grizzly Bear embrace the kind of highly-collaborative group democracy that results in five-year gaps between albums. Thankfully, it's new LP Painted Ruins was worth the wait, offering another collection of beautiful harmonies, introspective lyrics and progressive chamber-pop arrangements that will likely become the subject of a college thesis or two. Singers Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen still make their wistful melodies sound effortless, harnessing a bit of cinematic flair that makes these songs sound fit for the kind of venues that Grizzly Bear played when it toured Radiohead. Baltimore gospel revivalist Serpentwithfeet opens the show.

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