Guided By Voices

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Guided By Voices
Photograph: Sandlin Gaither

Stage-kicking, beer-swilling power-pop singer-songwriter Robert Pollard celebrated his 100th records this year with the release of Guided By Voices' double album, August by Cake. Revived for the second time, the Dayton rockers are still churning out snappy, lyrically obtuse rock at a breakneck pace—the group's second 2017 release, How Do You Spell Heaven, hit stores in August. GBV played its (then) final show at Metro in 2004, so it's appropriate that the band is returning to Chicago to ring in another year and mark the finale of Empty Bottle's 25th-anniversary celebration. Start forming your wishlist of classic Bee Thousand and Do the Collapse tracks—the club is open, once again.


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