Honey Soundsystem + Jorge Socarrás

Honey Soundsystem + Jorge Socarrás
Honey Soundsystem pays tribute to disco pioneer Patrick Cowley on Valentine's Day.

Boxes of chocolate are for old ladies and kiddies. Want your Valentine's Day a little more hardcore? San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem, with the help of art installations and live performance, pays tribute to disco producer and pioneer Patrick Cowley, the Giorgio Morodor of the Bay Area gay scene of the 1970s and the HI-NRG sound. His "Menergy" is a stone cold robot disco classic. A compilation, School Daze: Patrick Cowley's Porn Soundtracks, was released last year and serves as the primary inspiration here. The party's in an old porn theater, so it's safe to say leave the children at home.

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