Music, Dance and electronic
Three decades ago, Charlie Sheen made a flick called The Wraith in which he played a vengeful cosmic ghost sporting ebony leather and an opaque racing helmet while terrorizing dirtbags in the desert with a black Dodge Turbo Interceptor coupe. High speed shots of highway pavement zipping under the camera. Neon blue light trails. Sherilyn Fenn in a denim jacket. I saw it on HBO dozens of times as a kid. I'm guaranteeing Vincent "Kavinsky" Belorgey obsessed over it in France. His long-await 2013 debut album, OutRun, is concept album about a teenage zombie who fuses with a Ferrari Testarossa ("the same color as Mars"). In the 1980s, of course. Named for a Sega racing video game, the record is deep fetishism of neon arcades, dipped in convenient store cheese, like playing Double Dragon atop a Mayan pyramid on pills. And it is awesome. The oozing, dry keyboards and synthetic thunder drums will sound immediately familiar to Justice junkies and Daft Punk lovers. In fact, the robot head of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo pops up to coproduce "Nightcall," which played over the opening credits of Drive. Live, expect lights, bass and letter jackets.
Event phone: 773-549-4140
Event website: http://metrochicago.com