Of Montreal + Yip Deceiver

Music, Rock and indie
Of Montreal
Photograph: Ebru Yildiz

Time Out says

Under his Of Montreal moniker, Kevin Barnes has explored glam, psych, new wave, prog rock and EDM, but his 15th album, White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood, is set to the pulsing beat of an ’80s dancefloor. Barnes claims that the inspiration for the album came out of his research on the theory that he world we know is just a simulated reality, but musically it's a tribute to extended dance mixes of ’80s pop songs, resulting in collection of sprawling compositions underpinned by vintage drum machines and synths. Georgia-based band Yip Deceiver joins Of Montreal at this special Lincoln Hall 10th anniversary show, mining a nostalgic, dance-friendly vein of R&B and funk.



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