Photograph: Donna Rickles Slint at Pitchfork Music Festival 2007.

The most striking thing in Breadcrumb Trail, the new documentary about Slint, is just how young these guys were when writing "Nosferatu Man" and other scene-changing songs—just skinny teenagers in Kentucky. The Louisville band has strong ties to Chicago. Tweez, its debut, was recorded in Evanston with Steve Albini. The label that put out the seminal Spiderland, Touch & Go, was based here. Now, a deluxe edition of Spiderland is hitting what few record stores remain. It's a spooky, skeletal album, with singer (well, talker, mostly) Brian McMahan sounding lost at sea alone. Slint reunited in 2007 for Pitchfork Fest, so we know it rocks a little harder live. All together now: "I MISS YAAAAAAAA!"

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