Tegan and Sara + My Midnight Heart + The Courtneys

Tegan and Sara
Photograph: Tegan And Sara Tegan and Sara

Everything is awesome!!! Funny, how that Lego Movie song will endure as Tegan and Sara's biggest hit (or maybe it'll be their new jingle for Oreos). No shame it in, just own it. Come to think of it, it's a shame these gigs are 18+, as this twinsies duo undoubtedly has grown its tyke fanbase. When the whole impossible-to-hate pop act thing dries up, there'll be a big future in kindie music. But considering the bold mainstream moves of Heartthrob, an album that veered into Swiftian territory (that's Taylor, not Jonathan), the twosome has yet to reach its cultural saturation peak. These tickets will fly.

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