The Horrors

The Horrors
Photograph: Neil Krug The Horrors

Update: This show has been canceled.

If you still think of the Horrors as the fright-wigged, black-clad and pretzel-thin garage-punks of 2007, where have you been? The London five-piece reinvented themselves with the psychedelic post-punk-meets-shoegaze of their second album Primary Colours, took a huge leap into epic soundscapes with the follow-up Skying, and have recently unleashed their fourth album Luminous, which should confirm them as one of the U.K.'s best young bands. Don't miss them as they return to the stage, with the volume turned up to 11 and backed by a near-blinding light show. Though, this being just before Halloween, they might amp up the gothiness again. Moon Duo opens.

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