The Knife

Music, Dance and electronic
Photograph: Ian Pearce The Knife performs its Shaking the Habitual Show in 2013.

Clear your calendar, call a babysitter, dial your dealer, thrift for a pastel tracksuit-the concert event of the spring is here. Sui generis Swedish electronic duo the Knife finally comes to America with its beautifully bonkers Shaking the Habitual Show, serving up the dark and enchanting grooves from the 2013 album of the same name. It's a spectacle, a Stefan nightclub, with gender-bending choreography, rhythmic gymnastics, and cosmic instruments like hexagonal drums, curled harps and some kind of obelisk with touch pads. Karin Dreijer Andersson, dressed somewhat like Sparkle Motion in Donnie Darko, cheerleads it all, chanting her alien songs of rebellion. The press release is a manifesto. Check it: "We suggest dancing together as a mobilization, a collective moment for everyone in the room-on and off stage-to take part in... We strive to twist and strangle hierarchies to find other ways of organizing work and its conditions. Disrespecting borders between digital and analogue, fake and real, professional and dilettante, star and cast, experimental acts and glamorous shows, nature and culture, audience and artist, blood family and chosen family, dance and action, a Buchla and bongo and the sound of a hit and a kiss." We can't freaking wait.

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