Wiz Khalifa + Young Jeezy + Tyga + Ty Dolla $ign + Rich Homie Quan

Wiz Khalifa

Commercial weed rapper Wiz Khalifa heads another Under the Influence (of Music) tour, with grizzled vet Young Jeezy and a clutch of hot young MCs. The rather wack Tyga will never outlive the fact he started out on Fall Out Boy's label, but the guy did give us "Rack City." Rich Homie Quan, a sort of poor man's Future, can be heard singing the hook on YG's smash "My Niggas." One of the spitter in Wiz's label stable, Ty Dolla $ign recently released Beach House, which has nothing to do with the indie band, everything to do with having sex on top of piles of money.

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