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Local Eclectic Permanent Flash Bracelet Pop-up
Photograph: Courtesy Local Eclectic

A permanent bracelet pop-up arrives in the West Loop

The viral fashion trend entails getting a thin bracelet permanently welded to your wrist.

Emma Krupp
Written by
Emma Krupp

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or TikTok any time over the past year or two, chances are you’ve spotted permanent bracelets. The delicate, claspless chains—which are welded to the wearer’s wrist so that they literally can’t be removed—are a favorite of influencers, or anyone looking for a more permanent alternative to friendship bracelets (or perhaps a slightly less permanent alternative to friendship tattoos).

Itching to try the trend yourself? Head to the West Loop, where Chicago jewelry brand Local Eclectic is setting up shop this summer for its first-ever permanent bracelet pop-up. During each 15-minute appointment, you can select one of four 14K gold chain options (“classic,” “twisted,” “bold” and “paperclip,” ranging from $99–$219) to have welded to your wrist, which will theoretically stay there forever as long as you take care of it. 

Some answers to a few of your potential questions: Yes, you can go through airport security with these (but they can’t be worn in an MRI machine). No, they’re not completely indestructible (they can be removed with scissors or a forceful tug). And if the chain breaks within two weeks of your appointment, you can get it repaired for free (though after two weeks it’ll cost you $20). 

Keep abreast of Local Eclectic’s social media channels for more permanent jewelry options coming to the pop-up, like permanent anklets and permanent bracelet charms. Or if you’re looking to get matching permanent bracelets with a whole cadre of besties, consider booking a private event. 

The Permanent Flash Bracelet Pop-up is open now through the end of July at 118 N Peoria St in the West Loop. You can reserve an appointment via the Local Eclectic website—might we suggest a friend date at a nearby matcha café afterwards?

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