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Photograph: Zach Long

Chicagohenge returns on Thursday with gorgeous sunset views

Emma Krupp

Twice a year, during the spring and fall equinoxes, the sun's path aligns to fit within view of the narrow corridors of Chicago's east-west streets, a phenomenon cheekily referred to as Chicagohenge. The spectacular natural event returns this week, on Thursday, March 19 at sunset.

Because Chicago is planned on a grid layout corresponding almost exactly with the various points of a compass, Chicagohenge views are considered especially good—better, even, than the similarly-named Manhattanhenge. From certain points downtown, the sun's fiery orb is framed almost perfectly by the surrounding skyscrapers.

Under normal circumstances, you'd catch hordes of people aiming their cameras and phones at the Chicagohenge views on major roadways like Randolph Street and Madison Avenue. While we don't recommend congregating downtown (or anywhere else: social distancing, folks!), try sticking your head out the window during sunrise or sunset if you live on any east-west streets—it'll be like a light show delivered right to your door. And hey, if all else fails, we're certain a few photo of the phenomenon will surface on Instagram.

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