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It looks like Chicago will get a Polar Vortex for Christmas

Chicago winter skyline west
Photograph: CC/Flickr/Brad Hagan

While Tom Skilling claims that there's a 40 percent chance that Chicago will have a white Christmas, it's far more likely that another Polar Vortex will send temperatures plunging in the Midwest. According to current forecasts from the Weather Channel, Chicago will see a low temperature of 7 degrees Fahrenheit on December 25 and a low of 6 degrees Fahrenheit on December 26.

According to Mashable, the sudden drop can be attributed to an Arctic air mass that will blow into the Midwest next week, with some of the coldest air concentrated around Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago. While it's going to feel chilly outside, the lack of snow on the ground means that temperatures are unlikely to reach the record lows that came with 2014's Polar Vortex.

If you're spending Christmas in Chicago, you might want to stock up on everything you'll need to survive winter.

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