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John Cusack is hosting a ‘High Fidelity’ screening at the Chicago Theatre

John Cusack is hosting a ‘High Fidelity’ screening at the Chicago Theatre

For a movie adapted from a novel set in North London, High Fidelity sure feels Chicago born-and-bred. John Cusack nabbed the rights to Nick Hornby’s book and transferred the story, about a commitment-shy record-store owner coping with a breakup by revisiting his Top Five previous relationships, to his hometown. The movie was shot on location in the city in 1999, with featured venues including the Green Mill and Double Door (R.I.P.); the record shop, Championship Vinyl, was set up in a real storefront on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park (it’s now home to high-end biking gear shop Rapha Cycling Club).

Nearly two decades after the movie’s release, Cusack is set to host a hometown screening at the Chicago Theatre on Friday, May 4, followed by an audience Q&A session. If you have burning questions about the making of High Fidelity—or anything else on Cusack’s résumé, from Say Anything… to Hot Tub Time Machine—now’s your chance. And if you’ve never seen High Fidelity, you'll get to find out why it earned the No. 1 spot on our list of the 50 best Chicago movies. Tickets ($42.50–$72.50) go on sale Friday, March 16 at 10am via Ticketmaster.

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Pam S

I did extra work on that film...our extras holding was at Double Door...we filmed at a restaurant a block or two away on Damen...I saw a sneak preview of it when it first came was a good movie...I worked at Water Tower Theater and saw John Cusack there at least once for sure ...I think he was with C.Thomas Howell...I was working at the candy counter when they came to see a movie there.....and I worked at the Apollo Theater and he came to see a play there at least once that I remember.... funny how seeing a notice about the movie screening brings back memories like that...

Kevin C

I'm torn on this.  High Fidelity is my all-time favorite movie, and Cusack is among my Top Five favorite actors for sure (probably top two).  But with the inevitable B.S. fees added by TicketMaster, we're talking about paying over $50 to see a movie I have watched literally dozens of times, just because John Cusack will be on the other side of the room.  I was so excited when I first saw this, but the more I think about it...

On the other hand, it will be fun to watch this movie with people who love it as much as I do.  I've been trying to show my friends the light for like a decade and I'm pretty sure they're sick of hearing about this movie.

Anyone else of two minds about this?

Marcie A

Any idea where to go to find the presale code? I'd ask John himself, but I doubt he'll answer.

Melissa M

those prices are ridiculous. I can't wait to spend my money