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Top Chicago restaurants dish out sizzling hot sauces

Chicago's best chefs dish out quality hot sauces by the bottle so you can kick up the heat in style

Photograph: Nick Murway

Move over, Tabasco. If summers in Chicago aren't hot enough for you, we have just the thing to turn up the temperature. We tested, dissected and rated house-made hot sauces so you know which chef-level flavors to bust out at your own backyard barbecue.

The best local hot sauces

This Little Goat Went to Korea

by Little Goat Diner, $9

Chef Stephanie Izard's new line of sauces includes this sweet and spicy number made with Korean chilies. We want to dump the bottle on a pile of wings.

Hot or not? Not, but we're still crushing.

Get it at: Mariano's various locations and thislittlegoat.com

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West Loop

Fatracha sauce

by Fat Rice, $10

A local version of sriracha? We're all in. Fat Rice's Fatracha is filled with cane vinegar and piri piri chilies. The tangy sauce packs serious Thai-style heat.

Hot or not? We're gonna need an ice bath.

Get it at: Fat Rice and Fat Rice Bakery

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Logan Square

Habanero hot sauce

by Antique Taco, $8

Apple-cider vinegar and carrots combine to produce this bright orange hot sauce. You'll smell the funky spice when you open the jar; it's a good indication that this is going to be a deliciously painful experience.

Hot or not? Damn hot

Get it at: Antique Taco's various locations

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Wicker Park

Fury Sauce

by Furious Spoon, $5

This ramen shop's Asian-influenced sauce is made with rice wine vinegar and apples, making it solidly fruity. But a sneaky heat provided by habanero peppers stays with you.

Hot or not? 10/10

Get it at: Furious Spoon's various locations

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Wicker Park

Hot sauce

by Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, $7

Moving up the Scoville scale, Bang Bang churns out its signature hot sauce with Fresno chilies and garlic. This one lingers on the palate bite after bite.

Hot or not? Hotter than not.

Get it at: Both locations of Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

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Logan Square

Smoulder hot sauce

by GT Fish & Oyster, $7

GT Fish & Oyster has an array of hot sauces available, but we're keen on the mildest of the pack. Smoulder is decently smoky with a hint of heat from jalapeño puree.

Hot or not? The girl next door of hot sauce

Get it at: GT Fish & Oyster

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River North

Red hot sauce

by Parson's Chicken & Fish, $7

Made with guajillo peppers and garlic puree, the tamer of Hunter Moore's hot sauces is heavy on the vinegar, for an acidic punch with those smoky peppers.

Hot or not? Hot enough for a second date

Get it at: Parson's Chicken & Fish

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Logan Square