DMK Burger & Fish (CLOSED)

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DMK Burger & Fish (CLOSED)

The new Evanston restaurant combines two of DMK's Chicago hits: DMK Burger Bar and Fish Bar. There's a handful of burger options, fries and shakes from DMK, plus fried fish sandwiches and the Old Bay mayo-topped crabby patty from Fish Bar. Beer will be added this spring.


Venue name: DMK Burger & Fish (CLOSED)
Address: 815 Noyes St

Opening hours: Sun, Tue–Thurs 11am–10pm, Fri–Sat 11am-12am
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If its like the original one then unless the burger is larger than 5 ozs for $9 without a side - compare to the junk at.  McDonald's quarter pounder. DMK's price is way off target.  And it isn't that good.  5 oz.??  Maybe they'll change the price in Evanston and include a side.  $7 include fries and that would be close to fair.

You know if they said it was a third of a pound that would sound better and only be 1/3 of a pound more.

For every 80 oz you get either 16 of the 5 oz burgers or 15 of the 1/3 of a pound.  Come on DMK goose it up a little and still lower the price.  At $9  that's $32 a pound.  Now if it was Wagyu maybe ok but $32 a pound?

5 oz cost them $1.25 plus bun for 25 cents plus a pickel slice for 5 cents.  cost of $1.55 or less than 20% food cost.  Come on.

Phil DeLucky