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Doughnut Day | Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Photograph: Martha Williams The Doughnut bacon sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts.
By Brent DiCrescenzo, Jake Malooley and Laura Pearson |

LP: Are we going to lose credibility because Dunkin' Donuts was out of glazed doughnuts and gave us bacon and egg on a plain one instead?

BD: I think we're going to gain credibility. We went off menu. I only wish we had made it more Xtreme (or Flavor Blasted, if you will) with a chocolate glazed or jelly donut.

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JM: Is this frankensteined sammy really all that extreme? Bacon is on all the artisanal doughnuts. And they've actually taken a doughnut and enriched it, adding much-needed protein in the form of eggs and bacon.

LP: Granted, it would be "healthier" to get the egg whites and turkey sausage, but that's like saying smoking American Spirits is "healthier" than Marlboro Reds.

BD: The only wonder is that it took this long for Dunkin' to make this. It's not that far off from their other sandwiches. In a world of Doritos Locos Tacos and Double Downs, is this really that crazy?

JM: So on first bite, it's not really exceptional in any way, bad or good. There's a decent sweet-salty thing happening. A cake doughnut is a good substitute for bread, but don't tell your doctor that.

LP: I'm actually surprised how innocuous this is. In fact—as a connoisseur of the Dunkin' Donuts Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich, a.k.a. a #5—I welcome this departure from a super chewy, kinda dry bagel.

BD: I was pleasantly surprised to really taste the egg, and is that a hint of cracked pepper I detect? But anyway, they really need to change their slogan from "America Runs on Dunkin'." Nobody is jogging around the block after eating this mess.

LP: Maybe "American Ambles Slowly on Dunkin' (With Labored Breath)"? Speaking of slow, this reminds me of when Paula Deen popped 'ludes and made a burger with two doughnuts in lieu of buns.

BD: There is a Baskin Robbins in the same space. You know, we could ask for a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip on top.

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