Eat this now: Vegan taco at Takito Kitchen

The taco is made with roasted veggies and a ridiculously good salsa
Takito Kitchen's new vegan taco is worth a trip.
Photograph: Courtesy Takito Kitchen Takito Kitchen's new vegan taco is worth a trip.
By Amy Cavanaugh |

While out researching the story about the best margaritas in the city, we ate a ton of tacos to soak up all the booze. And of those many tacos, the standout was a surprise—it's the vegan taco at Takito Kitchen.

The taco has only been on the menu for a few months, and it's only available at dinner, but it's become my favorite Takito bite. Roasted veggies (sweet potatoes on my visit), hearts of palm, avocados and arugula are placed on a corn tortilla and topped with a fiery morita salsa. Moritas are smoked red jalapenos (just like chipotles, but they're not smoked as long), which means the salsa is deep and smoky, with a lingering heat. It's finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and the interplay of textures and flavors add up to a taco that's totally satisfying.

The tacos are $9 for three and $12 for four.