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Food forecasting: Next up in doughnut gimmicks

By Laura Pearson |
 (Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoDOUGHZA: Pizza with a doughnut crust.
 (Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoNEGRONUT: A doughnut soaked in Campari (or just a Negroni nestled in a doughnut cozie).
 (Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoDONACHOS: Doughnuts served in a nacho tray with a side of pink glaze and sprinkles.
 (Photo illustration:
Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoPHONUT:A beef-flavored doughnut floating in a bowl of Vietnamese noodle broth.
 (Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoROENUT: A doughnut topped with roe.
 (Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoMACNDOUGH: A mac-n-cheese-stuffed doughnut. (The Long John version is called a JOHN MACNDOUGH.)
 (Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzo)
Photo illustration: Brent DiCrescenzoJOENUT (or DOUGHJOE): Just plain old doughnuts dunked in plain old coffee. After all ridiculous doughnut trends fade, we foresee a return to the simple things.

CronutsDoughnut milkshakesDoughnut gelato sandwiches. There has been a hole [sic] lot of innovating in the world of doughnuts lately, and as extreme doughnut lovers (doughnut nuts?), we're prone to fritter away the hours wondering what gimmick we'll see next. Here are a few of our predictions for upcoming doughnut trends.

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