Hot Dog of the Day: Chubby Wieners

It's National Hot Dog Month! Today we're stopping by Chubby Wieners.
The Momona at Chubby Wieners


Chubby Wieners Oh, quit your sniggering. Yes, the name does bring to mind a male's naughty bits, but this Lincoln Square hot dog stand isn't just going for shock value: At 1/4 pound, these wieners are indeed chubby. If only the bun were as portly. With both the Famous Chubby ($4.99), a classic Chicago-style dog, and the Momona ($6.99), a frank layered with bacon, grilled pineapple, blue cheese and a citrus-chipotle barbecue sauce, the bun became fall-apart soggy after the first bite. That made for some awkward maneuvering to get the hot dog from plate to mouth without the whole thing falling apart in my hands. But it's a small price to pay for dogs these delicious.—Laura Baginski

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