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Hot Dog of the Day: Hot Doug's

It's National Hot Dog Month! Of course we're going to stand in line at Hot Doug's.

Hot Doug's Cheddar Jack-Stuffed Atomic Bomb Pork Sausage


Hot Doug's The options at Avondale’s Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium are nearly as plentiful as the Doug Sohn cultists queuing up along Roscoe Street. Heat seekers can rest assured the Atomic Bomb ($8) is the menu’s spiciest item. The pork sausage spiked with habaneros, jalapeños and serranos is topped with ancho-chipotle aioli and hot peppers stuffed with creamy cheese. But Sohn’s campy, kitchen-sink sausages can sometimes come off as unfortunately excessive, too many flavors and textures for a single bun. This is one that’s not worth the hour-long wait.—Jake Malooley  

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